OEM / ODM Welcome !!!
Customer Design & Development


Why select ODM / OEM ?

l         The product will be adapter and intergrated with your client’s brand or promotion better.

l         An unique model only owned by your company in the market. Your company is especially in your client’s mind.


What is our specialized?

l         Fast turnaround time

l         Competitive prices

l         Best quality and production control

l         Large production capacity

l         Strict confidentiality

l         End to end delopment of products

l         A good and best serve to you by our dynamic team

l         A variety of products selection.

We updated our catalogue about 10 models every months.


How to do ODM / OEM ?

OEM / ODM project usually require different terms and conditions from standard items.


l         Quantity
Over 10000pcs to lower down the unit cost and NRE charge.

l         Tooling lead time
4-6weeks after confiming all specification, depending on complexity.
Cusomtized I.C. needs extra 3-4 weeks.

l         Engineering sample
One week after the tooling

l         Production lead time
Approximately 4-6 weeks after approval of the off-tool sample depending on quantity and capacity


When you start to develop an OEM/ ODM project with us, you are highly recommended to provided the following details:

l         Material

l         Functions

l         Item dimension

l         Packaging and if logo requirement

l         Target price

l         Project quantity

l         Target delivery time

l         Any other special requirements


Contact us today and enjoy our first class service!